I find that adding two cardio sessions a week helps with bringing up my metabolic rate, increase blood circulation, reset my appetite, and enhance focus.

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  • 15 MIN FULL BODY FOCUS | Cardio + Strength HIIT

    This is a 15-minute full-body HIIT workout that begins with cardio to prep your body, mobility to improve your range of motion, and gradually to strengthening exercises. The routine is designed to work on all planes of movement. You'll work on your hip mobility, arms and core strength, pelvic flo...

  • 15 MIN BUBBLE BUTT FOCUS | Fat Burn + Sculpted Glutes

    No bullshit, straight right into the workout. This is a 15-minute workout targeting the booty. No breaks but enjoyable :)

    Do the jumps and feel the burn! I swear the pain sustained for another two days. Don't get me wrong. It's a good burn and gives you a nice lift on your butt! Enjoy this mix o...