Weight training doesn't have to be intimidating. Follow my lead, and I'll make sure this is a good workout for you!

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  • 15 MIN BUBBLE BUTT FOCUS | Fat Burn + Sculpted Glutes

    No bullshit, straight right into the workout. This is a 15-minute workout targeting the booty. No breaks but enjoyable :)

    Do the jumps and feel the burn! I swear the pain sustained for another two days. Don't get me wrong. It's a good burn and gives you a nice lift on your butt! Enjoy this mix o...

  • 13 MIN SEXY ARMS FOCUS | Tone Up + Fast Burn

    When was the last time you used light weights but felt the absolute burn in your shoulders, biceps, and triceps? This is the one I did that only took less than 15 minutes to feel that tricep burn.

    Here, I'm using 2 pounds.

    No equipment? You can do the workout without one. All the exercises are ...